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9/12 - 21st Anniversary of L&C

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2 years ago   

March is over, which means so is SMALLVILLE WOMEN, BIG HEARTS’s fundraiser. The goal wasn’t reached, but it was a blast celebrating all of the female actors and characters on Smallville. The money raised for the GLOBAL FUND FOR WOMEN will still go to a worthy cause and hopefully Smallville fans will continue to support charitable organizations and strong female characters. 

Ultimately, my hope is thatSmallville fans realize the value in working together. So many of the women on the show made mistakes in their past and it seems fair to demand of ourselves what we demand of them. That means admitting where we’ve fallen short in the past and trying to do better in the future. 

In the spirit of looking to the future, not onlycan we continue supporting the Smallville ladies we love by purchasing Bryan Q. Miller’s SEASON 11 comic coming out April 13th (click here for details), we can also check out some of the projects the actresses are doing in the coming months. June is particularly eventful. Cassidy Freeman’s (Tess Mercer) Longmire will debut on A&E June 3rd, Erica Durance’s (Lois Lane) Saving Hope begins its NBC summer run on June 7th, and Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan) will begin her recurring role on FX’s Wilfred on June 28th just a week after Erica Durance’s birthday. 

Thanks to all!

Oh, and wish Annette O’Toole a “Happy Birthday” today (April 1st).

2 years ago   

The fundraiser supporting the Global Fund for Women in honor of the women of Smallville is ending on March 31st, so please consider donating if you haven’t donated yet. Thank you!


2 years ago   

Character Profile - Dinah Lance a.k.a. Black Canary (Alaina Huffman)

The daughter of a Justice Society of America member, Dinah Lance followed in her mother’s footsteps to become hero in her own right. She used her voice as a radio host to inform her listeners and her superpowered canary cry to subdue opponenents. She hasn’t always shown the best instincts when it comes to who she trusts, but she’s smart and fierce about what she believes in. It’s no wonder she became a valuable member of the Justice League. Alaina Huffman, who brought Dinah to life for four seasons of SMALLVILLE, is remarkable as well. Not only does she balance her acting career with raising four children, she’s also worked on her own comic book called Agent Mom.

To show your love for Dinah Lance (Black Canary) and for Alaina Huffman, please be a big hearted person and contribute to SMALLVILLE WOMEN, BIG HEARTS’s fundraiser honoring all of the women of Smallville. The money raised will go to the charity, the Global Fund for Women. Thank you.

DONATE HERE (it’s safe, easy, and secure!) 

2 years ago   

Character Profiles - The Mothers

ELLA LANE: Sister to Moira Sullivan, wife of General Sam Lane, and mother of Lois and Lucy Lane, Ella was dearly missed when she passed away as a result of the lung cancer she developed from smoking cigarettes since high school. Little touches like a glass blue bird that symbolized hope and big stands like demanding her husband appreciate the simple things in life were how Ella brought a sense of hope and home to her family while she lived. She was also stoic—a mask of strength hiding her inner turmoil—when her husband’s deployments and assignments meant saying too many sad goodbyes, and when her terminal illness meant saying her own to the husband and daughters she loved. Devoted and graceful, Ella was a light that went out too soon.

LARA EL: Brave and compassionate, according to her husband Jor-El, Lara was a kind and loving aunt to her neice Kara and an invaluable partner to her husband as he struggled to use his scientific gifts to save his planet. When his efforts weren’t enough, and Krypton neared destruction, she never stopped believing in him and having hope for the future. Her son, Kal-El, became that hope. Not only was he a miracle to a couple who thought the couldn’t have children, he also became Lara’s hope that Krypton could live on in him, and, through him, save another civilization (Earth) from suffering the same fate. Selfless and loyal, Lara’s last thoughts weren’t of herself, but her son, worrying if he’d be loved and experience all that life has to offer, and when her brother-in-law threatened her to win her allegiance, she stayed true to her husband and fought for the life of her son and his adopted planet. Such faithfulness and fearlessness make Lara a noble woman in every sense.

MOIRA SULLIVAN: Much like her sister, Ella, Moira is a devoted mother who was forced to leave her daughter too soon. Moira encouraged her daughter, Chloe, to believe in herself and she was proud of her daughter’s accomplishments. The phenomenon of mutations from meteor rocks granting those infected with extraordinary and potentially dangerous powers became the focus Chloe’s articles and it was what forced Moira to make the ultimate sacrifice which would separate from her husband and daughter forever. For years she retreated into a catatonic state in a mental institution, and only gained lucidity long enough to fight back against Lex Luthor’s experiments on meteor infected individuals and tell her daughter she loved her and was proud of her. She couldn’t fight her biology, but she could choose how she coped with it, and she did so with strength and dignity.

NELL POTTER: Nell Potter (Aunt Nell) raised Lana as her own daughter after Lana’s parents died tragically in the 1989 meteor shower. We know scarce details about Nell: she loved her niece, she had a bit of a past with Jonathan Kent, she owned land and a flower shop in Smallville, she had rather refined tastes, and she wanted the best for Lana and had high expectations for her. On the surface, Nell might appear to be a cold figure. Still, she took on the responsibility of raising her sister’s daughter with grace. One of Lana’s treasured memories of her aunt was when she told her “She didn’t love me any less because I was adopted. She worried about me more.” The unintended consequence of that worry was Nell’s desire to create an image of her sister, Laura, she thought would most inspire Lana. The image of a happy, perfect, cheerleader who was devoted to Lana’s father was false, but certainly not malicious. In the end, Nell’s heart was in the right place. Nell often seemed trapped in Smallville. Fortunately, she was ultimately able to escape her claustrophobic small town life. Nell is therefore a beautiful yet flawed example of love, sacrifice, and patience.

CAT GRANT: Despite her sugary sweet demeanor, Cat Grant’s life was not without its bitter disappointments. Idealistic and driven in high school, Cat fell for who she thought was her Prince Charming and studied hard to become valedictorian. She may have lost her ability to buy into fantasy without question when her high school sweetheart, and father of her son, became so abusive she had to escape, but she never lost her faith in the power of the press. As a reporter for The Daily Planet, Cat worked to make sure the heroes who hid in the shadows couldn’t fool the public into believing in them as she had been fooled to believe in happily ever after. Cat felt a responsibility to the public, but she also felt a responsibility to her son, Adam. She not only doted on him with chicken soup for colds and bedtime stories about a boy who retained his innocence by never growing up, she also adopted a fake name to protect him. Under her new name, Cat struggled to differentiate between appearance and reality and to define herself; yet she ultimately was able to find her way and find her place.

FAORA: Faora grew up believing a life in the military was her only option. The battlefield became her home and leaders like Zod, who risked and fought bravely for his soldiers and his home, became her heroes. During her first chance at life, Faora’s affection and loyalty to Zod led her to being his right hand as he destroyed Krypton and prepared to have their genetically engineered son, Doomsday, help secure a new home for them on Earth. During her second chance, however, Faora realized she had other options. She could choose peace instead of war. Her sister, Vala, and her unborn child with Zod could live among humans and even become ambassadors for aliens on Earth. Her loyalty to peace, to hope, and to what is right never wavered even in the face of Zod’s threats to her life and the life of her child. She died never forsaking her dreams, and as a result of her graceful leadership and stoic sacrifice, her fellow Kandorians ultimately chose a path the better life she had always hoped for.

To donate to the GLOBAL FUND FOR WOMEN in honor of the mothers featured on Smallville, click here. Thanks!

*To read about other mothers featured on the show like Martha Kent and Chloe Sullivan click here.

2 years ago   

Character Profile - Lucy Lane (Peyton List)

Talented violinist and brilliant student do describe Lucy Lane, yet they only describe what she can do, not who she is. Who Lucy Lane is, is a sister and daughter who wants so much to appear perfect so she’ll be loved and wanted that she sometimes does imperfect and immoral things to achieve it. Why? For years after her mother Ella died, Lucy had to rely on her sister, Lois, to take her place; but Lois couldn’t as a child herself. Instead, Lucy competed with her sister for the scarce amount of time and attention her busy father, General Lane, could provide. However, her years of working toward perfection had the opposite of the desired effect as she was pulled toward boarding school and away from her family. Feeling lonely and inadequate so far from home, Lucy got into a dangerous mess in her attempt to conform to her rich classmates. It took a few more missteps, contrition, and a lot of forgiveness on the part of her father and sister, for Lucy to make amends. Thankfully, Lucy eventually came to understand that she didn’t need to try so hard to be loved.

SMALLVILLE WOMEN, BIG HEARTS (SVWBH) is proud to raise money for the GLOBAL FUND FOR WOMEN this month in honor of the brilliant women of the hit show Smallville, since its grants assist organizations worldwide that, among other things, provide programs and resources to girls, like Lucy, who have lost their mothers or who are trying to make amends for past misdeeds. Please make a fast, easy, and secure donation today. 

DONATE HERE. Thank you!

Next Character Profile: The Mothers (Ella Lane, Moira Sullivan, Lara-El, Faora, Cat Grant, Chloe Sullivan)*

*To see the tribute to Martha Kent, click here.

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2 years ago   

Character Profile - Kara Zor-El/Kent a.k.a Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort)

Stubbornness and selflessness define Kara Zor-El. She sometimes took time to revere and trust the right people, but her heart was always in the right place. Before her home planet, Krypton, was destroyed, Kara defied her father to join her aunt Lara on an adventure to Earth to see where her cousin Kal-El might live if Krypton became uninhabitable and defied him again after he made claims to Lara and her unborn son. Although she loves her family and wants to be with them, Kara’s first allegiance is always to what’s right and to the greater good. So many times Kara’s faced fears of the unknown or chosen a lonely path to protect others. She left Krypton to watch over her cousin. She left Earth to stop Brainiac. She stayed in the Phantom Zone to protect Earth. She said goodbye to Kal-El twice—once on a sliver of hope she’d find what was left of home and again when destiny called her to her future. Kara’s fierce independence and strong heart, therefore, made her into a genuine super girl.

As SMALLVILLE WOMEN, BIG HEARTS continues its celebration of all the women of Smallville, please consider donating to our chosen charity, the GLOBAL FUND FOR WOMEN, on behalf of the self-sacrificing and courageous girls around the world, like Kara, who have lost their homes or sacrifice much to care for strangers as well as loved ones.

DONATE HERE. Thank you.

Next Character Profile: Lucy Lane

2 years ago   

Character Profile - Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman)

She was “born to darkness,” yet she “yearned for the light.” Despite a childhood of abandonment and abuse, the intelligent and ambitious Tess Mercer rocketed past her peers to graduate from Harvard at 17 as a marine biologist and ultimately became the head of Luthor Corp and, later, Watchtower for the Justice League. She definitely engaged in morally questionable behavior in a misguided attempt to get revenge or protect the planet she loved, but after suffering for her mistakes she was given a chance to redeem herself, and she did. Even when the discovery of her Luthor heritage threatened to thrust her back into darkness, she stood firm. She refused to let the mistakes of her past or being a Luthor define her, and she learned that the power to achieve true redemption and transformation resided not in others, but within herself.

There are so many females around the world who weren’t blessed with a loving family or a happy home. So many women want to find the power within themselves to change for the better—to transform all of the pain, anger, and mistakes of their past into something good. There’s a week left in SMALLVILLE WOMEN, BIG HEARTS’s fundraiser honoring the women of Smallville, like Tess Mercer, and benefiting the worthy charity, the Global Fund for Women. Please consider donating as little as $10 with your credit or debit card using our fast, easy, and secure donating service so that women worldwide can access the support they need to fight the darkness in their own lives. Thank you.


Next Character Spotlight: Kara Kent and Lucy Lane

2 years ago   

Character Profile - Martha Kent (Annette O’Toole)

Even though Martha’s life didn’t turn out the way she expected, love and duty was always at the center of it and guiding her forward. Her father wanted her to take over his law practice, and for a time she pursued that goal. Yet when she met Jonathan Kent and fell in love with him, she wondered if she could go from a city girl to a farmer’s wife. Eventually Martha discovered that she could make a difference with her life in Smallville. She helped run a farm, ran a business, raised a son, and served as a friend and role model to the younger generation (Lana, Lois, Chloe). Even her husband’s death didn’t slow her down. Martha refused to give up or remain stagnant. Despite her age, and the tragedies in her life, she remained hopeful and open to new experiences and challenges. She became a senator at the state and national level where she fought to improve education and the lives of soldiers and superheroes. In short, Martha Kent is just as super as her son and a genuine inspiration to women of all ages.

Martha Kent touched and changed so many lives because she was equal parts fighter and nurturer. That is why she was one of the most powerful and influential characters on the show and why we honor her along with the other women of Smallville this month. So, please consider donating as little as $10 to the GLOBAL FUND FOR WOMEN in her honor. Your donation will go to supporting women’s organizations around the world, including those that assist mothers in their efforts to raise their children, become leaders, and safeguard the people and ideals they cherish.

DONATE HERE. Thank you.

Next Character Profile: Tess Mercer

2 years ago   

Character Profile - Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack)

A need for answers has always driven Chloe Sullivan. At first, she investigated the weird and unexplained. But when her mother’s own mysterious departure left a young Chloe feeling abandoned and confused, she decided the answer to that mystery was she wasn’t good enough. In the following years she saw having the answers as her ticket to earning love and having the power to maintain it. As editor of her high school’s newspaper, cub reporter for The Daily Planet, and information provider and hero wrangler to the budding Justice League, Chloe made herself an asset to her friends in their struggle to save the world. Yet, personal struggle was not unfamiliar to Chloe. It took years to come to terms with her unrequited love for her best friend, Clark Kent, to face her fears about being insane or a freak like her mother, and to finally find a profession and a man she could love without getting lost in or defined by either. It was a messy journey at times—marred by Chloe’s usual stumbling blocks ego and envy—but eventually she found the answer to her own mystery. She forged a life for herself that was better than what she could have dreamed of as a child. After all the twists, turns, and transformations, Chloe Sullivan remains just as clever and courageous as ever and continues to help people find the answers to life’s questions as a reporter, as a wife and mother, and as an advisor and recruiter of superheroes.

In honor of Chloe Sullivan and Allison Mack’s portrayal, please consider donating to the charity, the Global Fund for Women, as part of our month long fundraiser celebrating the women of Smallville. With your generous donation, women and girls around the world will have the resources to go to school, to unite with other women and girls to fight for their needs and beliefs, and to achieve their dreams for a better life and a better world. 

DONATE HERE (it’s simple and secure!). Thank you.

Next Character Profile: Martha Kent

2 years ago   

Character Profile - Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk)

Lana Lang was a young woman who struggled against darkness and against defintion. When she was little, Lana graced the cover of TIME magazine as the face of Smallville’s tragedy and she resented the fact that few people could see past that image. Lana could have been forever defined by the tragedies in her life: the death of her parents, the loss of her Aunt Nell and biological father to their other families, the endless string of stalkers who threatened her, the unraveling of her relationships with Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, the violation of her body, and the power suit that granted her the ability to help people even while it made it impossible for her to stay with the man she loved. Yet, despite these tragedies, Lana proved to be a survior who refused to let others’ narrow perceptions of her and her own experiences as a victim keep her from picking up the pieces of her life and moving forward. Still, Lana isn’t a saint. She’s not perfect. She made mistakes and she broke her fair share of rules. The beauty of Lana Lang and her struggle with her own darkness is she never allowed it to consume her. She was self-aware enough to know who she was and to step back from the abyss before she lost herself completely. Lana Lang is a romantic, a nostalgic, a fighter, and a survivor. She was a girl who grew into a strong woman on her own terms and that’s inspirational.

If you’d like to help other women thrive and make important transformations in their lives, please take a minute out of your day today to donate to our fundraiser honoring Lana and the other women of Smallville. Submit a donation through our safe and secure fundraising site and your generosity will help the renowned charity, the Global Fund for Women, provide grant money to organizations around the world that empower women.

DONATE HERE. Thank you.

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